Hate crime on Galway mosque should be condemned

There has been a disgraceful attack on worshippers at a Mosque in Galway according to this report in the Irish Times:
“The imam of a Galway mosque which was attacked during the hour of prayer on Monday evening has appealed for “calm” in the wake of the London terrorist attack.
Imam Ibrahim Ahmad Noonan of the Masjid Maryam mosque in Galway told The Irish Times that up to 100 members of the Galway mosque were left “terrified” when rocks smashed through the windows during the attack on Monday evening.”
Full report at this link:
It is important that governments, political organisations and NGOs condemn such senseless hate crimes against minority communities and it is to be hoped that Irish Police will apprehend the culprits and bring them before the courts.
Public Relations Officer Mannin Branch
Issued by: The Mannin branch of the Celtic League.

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