Guild Stance from Deeply Committed and Distinguished Manxman


Manx Music Festival Organisers have been quick in responding to a decision by a competitor to quit over sponsorship of this year’s event (see link):

Mann: Consternation and Applause at Guild

The Festival Chairman Graham Crowe was dismissive of the ‘protester’.

However, the decision to both reject and dismiss the stance of the man involved, Stewart Bennett, may yet come back to haunt the organisers.

Bennett is a well respected Manxman, a citizen of Peel with a deep love of the Isle of Man, its language and culture he is well known by all involved in nationalism in all its facets linguistic, cultural and political. He is not an individual who neither takes a stance lightly nor is he one who flippantly seeks the limelight – in short this was not a stunt and many with a similar perspective to Bennett will have been given food for thought (indeed this seems to have been illustrated immediately after his announcement).

Also and shamefully in rejecting his stance organisers seem to wish to hide his commitment over the years to the Guild.

Celtic League did ‘a quick trawl’ on the organisations own website and we found his commitment and record at the Guild is lengthy and distinguished (see below);

“Reading at Sight in Manx Gaelic

2014 Outstanding
2012 Distinction
2011 Distinction
2010 Distinction
2009 Outstanding”

(Related link here.)

J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
Celtic League


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