‘God Save Us’ From An Inane Media And The Bishop


Just when you thought this Island could not get any more surreal we hear that a new Anglican Church may be formed after a schism (I love that word) in the local branch office of the Church of England (link):


Just to ‘spice it’ for the media this was a pulpit resignation.

To further exacerbate the discomfort of ‘The Anglicans’ the Catholic Church has been billing and cooing about its latest windfall from AG (and I don’t mean the Attorney General)!

I thought several months ago when the allegations about the bullying Bishop were made and a large number of the great and the good signed a petition against the Bishop and his alleged bullying manner that it would go nowhere.

The Bishop is after all the pastoral arm of Tynwald and the government and since when did Tynwald or the government respond to criticism.

It seems that, to use Phil Gawne parlance, even though the Bishop theologically may have been doing 32mph in a 30mph speed limit he’s untouchable.

Anyway it makes a change schisms (told you I love that word) were once the prerogative of the nationalist movement but it hasn’t had a good schism in years so obligingly the Church has stepped in to fill the vacuum.

It makes you wonder what will happen will some churches declare for the new order and some stay with the establishment. Will churches physically be seized by their irate parishioners incensed that the Bishop spends his time lolling around in Legco as the storm rages around him? Will the new church stop flying that ghastly flag of St George which has about as much relevance in the Island as…err the Bishop!

The Isle of Man gazes over a fiscal precipice and yet another British anachronism rears its ugly head to distract main stream media from the realities of life. I mean why talk about gas prices, food banks, standing charges and poverty when you have riveting stuff like this as breaking news?

It reminds me of that Monty Python sketch:


In conjunction with the Sunday School Board




‘God save us’ from an inane media…and THE BISHOP!

Photograph of Bishop Paterson – a bully? That quote by Dennis Healey about Geoffrey Howe comes to mind. Something about ‘being savaged by a dead sheep’.


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