Gardi: Alleged Assault At Shell Corrib Site


An Irish socialist member of the European Parliament has said he intends to lodge a complaint with the Garda Síochána over his treatment at a Corrib gas protest in north Mayo earlier this week.

Paul Murphy (MEP) says he was involved in a peaceful protest at the controversial Corrib Gas terminal at Ballinaboy when he was “assaulted by gardaí”.

He said that whilst involved in a sit down protest at the site:

“I was punched in the head, I had my pressure point targeted – as in my ear was deliberately twisted to a point of excruciating pain and my stomach was repeatedly poked and prodded at very sensitive points”.

He further alleged that he heard gardai being directed to go for pressure points as they removed protesters so as to:

“deliberately to cause severe pain, trying to get me to stop participating in the protest”.

The MEPs allegations are the latest and most high-profile about the nature of policing of the long running protest during which numerous complaints about the aggressive behaviour of the police have been alleged. A number of videos have
been posted on social web sites which show strong-arm tactics by both police and
security staff.

The Celtic League has on a number of occasions raised the issue of policing of the protests with both the Irish government and European police and prisons watchdog the CPT.

Despite the ongoing intimidation protesters have pledged to continue their fight against the siting by Shell of its controversial gas facility onshore.

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