Funny Place Mann Graffiti Artists Get Police Priority Over Burglars


The Isle of Man appears to be experiencing a mini crime wave with 25 burglaries (in itself an unusual crime within this usual low crime community) in the past few weeks.

The crime surge comes not long after police were announcing crime at all time low news they probably wish now they had not trumpeted quite so vigorously

They also seem to be baffled by the phenomena and although police spokespersons have been given copious air time to express thanks to the public for all the information received so far the information seems to have led nowhere.

Ever anxious to tow a politically correct line the police spokespersons also insist their singular failure so far has nothing to do with cuts to their establishment an argument that is obviously fatuous.

But wait a bit! Is this not the police force that just a few years ago deployed a veritable herculean effort when a few disaffected and young unaligned nationalists were painting slogans on walls (helpfully using washable emulsion paint) calling for ‘freedom’?

No effort was spared, all leave was cancelled, roads patrolled in the early hours, innocents wandering home ‘to late’ were stopped and questioned until a result (quite what it was no one knows) was achieved.

It’s a strange place the Isle of Man when people articulate a wish for freedom the full weight of the law is brought to bear. As for burglars well to date they have had a free run!

J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information


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