ForcesWatch Highlight Attempt to Militarise Children


Our friends at ForcesWatch have prepared a briefing document ahead of the plenary Welsh Assembly debate on armed forces visits to schools in Wales, which will be held on 30th September. They also tell us that Welsh Government’s response to the Petition Committee’s report on this issue will be published next Wednesday (23 September).

ForcesWatch (FW) is encouraging people to write concise emails/letters to their Welsh Assembly Member. Contact details can be found here:

If writing please include the url link to ForcesWatch’s briefing, urging them to call on the Welsh Government to accept the Petition Committee’s three recommendations which in the view of FW were very reasonable and well-evidenced.

The url to the briefing is set out below:

Lest any Celtic. News followers think this is an issue particular to Wales you should study this earlier leaflet issued by FW (link):

You will see from the top left panel of print of the leaflet that a disproportionate effort is being made by the armed forces to target schools in Scotland, Wales and N Ireland. These three countries account for almost a quarter of the school visits although they have only 16% of the UK population.

ForcesWatch are to be congratulated on highlighting this major propaganda exercise being conducted by the armed forces in schools in the Celtic countries. This attempt to militarise children should be a wake up call to both nationalists and the Celtic League.


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