Finucane justice campaign will go on

The Widow of Pat Finucane the Belfast lawyer murdered by a Ulster loyalist murder gang is to continue her fight for justice. Mrs Finucane is striving to achieve a full public inquiry into the death in which the collusion of members of the security forces in N. Ireland is suspected.

Her latest High Court challenge was unsuccessful but it seems the matter will now go to the Supreme Court.

Pat Finucane was one of a number of lawyers and journalist killed by loyalists known to have links to the British security. Indeed the use of so called pseudo-gangs to target individuals the security forces disliked was a practice taught at the British Army Staff College – the issue is well documented.

Other prominent figures murdered include lawyer Rosemary Nelson and investigative journalist Martin O’Hagan:

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Pat Finucane’s widow loses the latest stage in her campaign for a public inquiry…
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