Fiji Casts Aside Colonial Left-Overs


Whilst ‘so called’ Manx government ministers hang around English political conferences like ‘waifs and strays’ some former British colonies have not only asserted their independence long ago but they are now taking it a step further and cutting away the remaining vestiges of their colonial bondage.

Fiji, which was a crown colony until it attained its independence almost 50 years ago (1970), has decided to remove the Union Jack from its flag

The country’s recently elected leader Voreqe Bainimarama said the flag, which is light blue with the union jack in the top left corner and features a shield with the cross of St George and a British lion, along with sugar cane, bananas, a palm tree and a dove of peace, was now outdated. He said:

“We need to replace the symbols on our existing flag that are out of date and no longer relevant, including some anchored to our colonial past.

“The new flag should reflect Fiji’s position in the world today as a modern and truly independent nation state.”

Bainimarama also said the images were:

“symbols of our past, but not our future”.

Fiji has previously scrapped the Queen’s birthday public holiday and also removed the monarch’s head from the country’s currency in the past few years.

Meanwhile Mann, still a Crown dependency, shamefully ‘pays’ the UK to install a Governor here. Have we no pride in our distinct identity?


Issued by: The Celtic News



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