Farmers protests in Brittany and Normandy Stepped Up


The level of protests by Farmers in Brittany has been stepped up in recent days and parallels similar protests in other parts of France notably Normandy.

Today roads around Caen, in Normandy, were blocked for many hours as Farmers protested against government policies which are driving them into bankruptcy. It’s also reported that suicide levels among the agricultural community are on the increase as pressures become unbearable.

A promise by the French agriculture Minister, Stéphane Le Foll, to meet Farmers leaders later this week failed to ameliorate the farmers and over the weekend farmers in Brittany and Normandy dumped agricultural waste in front of slaughterhouses, supermarkets and other institutions they blame for their situation.

Farmers desperately need a realistic increase in prices for their meat and dairy products and they disbelieve supermarket claims that the stores are loosing money on French sourced agricultural products.

The pressure looks set to intensify further with protesting farmers near Mont St Michel, on the Norman-Breton border, having painted slogans on their tractors demanding the resignation of Agriculture Minister Le Foll.

Farmers dump waste and block roads at Pont L’Abbe two days ago – video:

English language news report here:

Protesting farmers demand Agriculture Minster resigns here:

(This report sourced from a variety of our Breton friends – please keep your news on this item and any others coming)

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