‘Experience Of A Lifetime’ – Kimathi Wouldn’t Know Whether To Laugh Or cry


If Dedan Kimathi was alive today I don’t know whether he would laugh or cry at the reports that his Kenyan countrymen had the ‘experience of a lifetime’ when they visited the Tynwald, the Manx parliament.

Kimathi was the last surviving leader of the Kenya Land and Freedom Army (sometimes called Mau Mau) to be captured by the British.

Kimathi had spent years opposing the British colonisation of his country first as a political secretary in the Kenya African Union (KAU) and then when armed struggle started as a member of the Kenya Land and Freedom Army. If he was alive he would I’m sure find it ironic that politicians from his country visiting what it still essentially ‘a colony’ would be impressed by it and not appalled.

But it’s all really a game and I’m sure our Kenyan visitors (see link):


were just being polite.

Basically this is what the Commonwealth is about an endless round of ‘jollies’ paid for by us In no time at all Rodan and some of our crowd will be having the ‘experience of a lifetime’ in some exotic location. Rodan isn’t smiling in the picture by the way he’s laughing at you and me!

People in Mann have not got enough to pay their bills. Even with the recent gas price drop (has anyone confirmed yet if it is a real decrease) folk are afraid to put the central heating on. Meanwhile this shower and ours are having the ‘experience of a lifetime’ at our expense!

Anyway we will never know what Kimathi might have thought about his countrymen cavorting in ‘a colony’ as he was executed by the British within a few weeks of his capture. They were so anxious to get rid of him they sentenced him to death in his hospital bed. Just as well he didn’t live to see what a joke some of his country’s politicians have made of his memory.

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