ECJ Data Ruling Welcomed


A recent European Court of Justice ruling that a system enabling the transfer of data by companies from the European Union to the US is invalid has been welcomed

The RTE link below gives background on the issue:

Irish branch members sourced a view on the development from Tony Coughlan of the ‘The National Platform EU Research and Information Centre’ with which the branch often cooperates. Tony’s view is set out below:

“Thursday 8 October

The ECJ ruling is a positive development and it is interesting to see that it has been hailed as such by the heroic Edward Snowden holed up now in Moscow.

It is outrageous that the EU should have permitted the handing over of vast masses of personal data on the citizens of its 28 EU Member countries to the USA for use by that country’s security and intelligence services.

The Irish Government and its data regulator have been quite compliant with this in order not to offend US computer interests based in Ireland. We must hope that this will now change and that such mass transferral of our private data on the say-so of the EU will cease.

Yours sincerely

Anthony Coughlan
The National Platform EU Research and Information Centre
24 Crawford Avenue,
Dublin 9”

The ECJ ruling of course has Pan-European implications.

(This news item sourced from the Celtic League Irish Branch)


Issued by: The Celtic News



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