Disabled People Are Dying For Work – Literally!


As the ‘folk on Douglas Head’ bask in the warm glow of Allan Bells government’s beneficence for others the ‘dear leader’ has more austere offerings.

Recently it was announced that the DHSC had carried out 712 capability assessments and determined 44% of those assessed were fit for work (314) people.

Bear in mind these are people deemed unfit for work by their GP and (where there is a dispute of level of disability) reassessed by a DHSC GP who have then been reassessed by an agency contracted by the government and ‘magicked’ back to work!

This is not a plan by government to improve the lot of the disabled – anyone would support the programme if that was its driving force – it is simply a device to cut back on benefits’

Around the time we had these statistics released a news report also said voluntary organisations that seemed comfortable with the situation were ‘monitoring’ it carefully.

Who are these voluntary organisations and are they accredited?

The Celtic League is a fully accredited NGO of the UN Nations (Economic and Social Committee). We have strong reservations about the governments drive to cut its benefits budget by targeting the sick especially when it can find money for more esoteric projects.

We just hope everyone involved in this drive to make those with disabilities integrate back into the labour market know what they are doing. In the United Kingdom where this kind of ‘welfare’ approach has been the norm for sometime 80 people a month are dying after being declared fit for work (see graphic)!


Issued by: The Celtic News



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