Demonstrations in Support of Breton

Demonstrations in Breizh/Brittany and the USA will take place today calling for the French presidential candidates in the forthcoming elections to state their position on how they support Breton language rights and if they support an amendment to the French constitution in favour of the Breton language.

The demonstrations are being coordinated by EBLUL – France, the Association des Rencontres inter-regionales des langues et cultures regionales and the new European Language Equality Network and form part of a multitude of other demonstrations that will take place across the state of France today. A press conference setting out what was hoped to be achieved by the demonstrations was held on 23 March 2012 in Paris and called on the candidates to agree to:

1) Recognise diversity and the rights of citizens to their regional or territorial language;
2) Ensure French ratification of the Council of Europe’s Charter for Regional or Minority Languages;
3) Pass a new law which allows for the co-officiality of regional languages in their territories.

A full list of the planned demonstrations can be found below:

Toulouse for Occitan,

Quimper for Breton and Gallo, and New-York for Breton, plus concert.

Strasbourg for Alsacian

Bayonne for Basque

Perpignan for Catalan

Ajaccio for Corsican

Metz for Lotharingian and Hochdeutsch, Luxemburgish and Lorrain Roman

Lille for Flemish

Saint Quentin and Ons-en-Bray for Picard

Poitiers for Poitevin-Saintongeais

Annecy for Savoyard

Outre Mer territories: Martinique, Guyane, and Réunion for Creole and the indigenous languages.


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