Cymru: New Book About Controversial Dam

News From The Mannin Branch Celtic League:

One of a group of Welsh Nationalists who tried to stop construction of the Tryweryn Dam over fifty years ago by blowing up infrastructure at the construction site has written a book. Their attempt to stop the work was unsuccessful and the controversial dam opened in 1965.

Owain Williams outlines the background to the attack on the dam and also his period in hiding in safe houses in Ireland before returning to Wales and being imprisoned.

The construction of the dam and the destruction of the centuries old Welsh speaking community in the Tryweryn Valley and the village of Capel Celyn caused great anger in Wales and was pivotal in the development of modern welsh nationalism.

Graffiti recalling the event is still displayed prominently in Wales and resentment about the way Welsh protests were simply ignored by the London government still festers.

Owain Williams book ‘The Story of a Welsh Freedom Fighter’ is published by Welsh publisher Y Lolfa (see link):

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