Cymru: General Secretary Supports Campaigners Stance


The Celtic League General Secretary (GS), Rhisiart Talebot, has spoken out in support of six Welsh Language campaigners who undertook a twenty-four hour hunger strike (starting yesterday) ahead of a vote on the Welsh Governments Planning Bill in the Assembly (see link).

The GS said:

“Impact assessments for new developments in Wales are essential, if the Welsh language is to be protected and promoted for the future.

It is thoroughly disappointing that people still feel that they have to resort to this kind of action to protect the Welsh language, considering that Welsh has official status in Wales alongside English. However, despite this official status, there is no getting away from the fact that the English language constantly threatens to dominate every aspect of private and public life in Wales and the reality is that without linguistic protection vulnerable Welsh speaking communities and the opportunity to use the language in new emerging communities will be inevitably and adversely effected.

For the official status of the Welsh and English languages to be strengthened such initiatives as Welsh language impact assessments are a necessity throughout the country.

These Welsh language campaigners are to be commended for their continued stand within a tradition that (sadly) goes back decades. It’s just a shame that nothing very much seems to have changed, despite our own Welsh Government in Cardiff.”

J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
Celtic League


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