Cruise liners-they’re a filthy business

‘Some 20 million people board cruise ships every year. And while they might return to land with fond memories of umbrella drinks and shuffleboard, they leave a lot at sea. About a billion gallons (3.8 billion liters) of sewage, in fact.’

Isle of Man Friends of the Earth are coming in for a bit of stick for citing the downside of Cruise liners and the supposed benefits that accrue through tourism,

However as usual with the mainstream environmental groups they are being measured with their criticisms.

As this article for Quartz shows Cruise ships dump a billion gallons of sewerage into the oceans every year much of it within the twelve mile limits set by State governments:…/cruise-ships-dump-1-billion-tons-of-sewag…/

Seems a bit odd that we are paying millions to treat sewerage and stop it entering the ocean and at the same time seriously contemplating encouraging this.


Here’s a little interactive graphic from 2015 which illustrates the various pollution paths by which detritus from Cruise ships fouls the environment. I like to ensure the debate is well informed:…/cruise-ship-pollution-affects-on-marin…/

To get the best out of it its best viewed in full screen as you scroll through but the text is listed below the graphic in detail.


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