Council Approves Cornish Language Plan


Lys Kernow (Cornwall Council) has approved a proposed Cornish language Plan, which will involve Council staff being trained to use the Cornish language in their job roles and using the language in official documents.

Portfolio Holder for Culture, Julian German, who was supportive of the plan said:

“Cornish is a unique cultural asset which underpins the distinctiveness of Cornwall and has an important part to play in the cultural, economic and social life of the region.

”Interest in Cornish is now higher than ever, with a considerable increase in the number of learners and speakers in recent years.

”There has been some sensationalist and wholly inaccurate reporting of the Cornish Language Plan in some parts of the media.

“We are certainly not proposing to spend the current on making all Cornwall Council staff speak Cornish.

“Our aim is to encourage reception staff in council buildings and in our contact centre to learn a few basic phrases so they can greet visitors in Cornish. This will be done by the members of the Cornish language office using existing resources so the only cost will be that of staff time.

“We are also not intending to replace all our signs with Cornish signs overnight, as has been suggested by some. We already have a policy to replace old and worn out signs with bilingual signs where appropriate and this will continue.”

Lys Kernow was advised about the plan for the Cornish language by Welsh language consultancy ‘Iaith’ earlier this year and the plan will see the demise of ‘Maga – the Cornish Language Partnership’ which was created as part of UK Government for the language in 2005.


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