Cornwall: Housing Crisis Leads to Clash Between Tenants Group and Police and Bailiffs at Eviction

In a housing crisis that mirrors that in Mannin there has been a clash between a tenants group Acorn and Bailiffs supported by Police at an attempted eviction in Penryn, Kernow.

There is a report here including an excellent lengthy video report from news source Cornwall Live. At one point during the clash the Bailiffs assaulted a protester. Police nailed their colours to the mast by saying the Bailiffs had a ‘lawful order’.…/protesters-bailiffs…

Acorn describe themselves as a Tenants Union that opposes exploitation by Landlords and Estate agents.

Its not the first time we have reported on police support for evictions these two links from Ireland of events in Dublin and in Roscommon:

Bernard Moffatt

AGS Celtic League (19th September 2021)

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