CL Main Web Pages Back Online – Thanks to All Who Helped


I reported last week that there was a problem with our main website and indeed it was off line for about 72 hours.

We have now resolved the situation and the site at:
is now back and functioning normally.

I would be grateful if the usual ‘reposters’ (not least our ‘prolific’ publicists in Kernow) would give this update wide circulation.

The site is important because our archive is there for both CARN and CL News (for the latter by the way we are still looking for support to assist the General Secretary (GS) in backdating this). The site is also of course open access unlike CL News to which you must subscribe.

Our thanks to Mark Kermode and Mark Lockerby for sorting things promptly and liaising with myself and the GS and also to Michael Chappell for ensuring CL News posts were reposted widely (not least on transceltic) while the site was down.

You could actually still access the main site during the ‘down time’ using the Internet Wayback Machine but that necessarily has its limits.

For the future the ‘techies’ amongst our ranks are looking, at my suggestion, at the possibility of a ‘mirror site’ to run in conjunction with the main site in that way we would always have a built in resilience in our online system.

J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information


(Please note that replies to correspondence received by the League and posted on CL News are usually scanned hard copies. Obviously every effort is made to ensure the scanning process is accurate but sometimes errors do occur).


The Celtic League has branches in the six Celtic Countries. It works to promote cooperation between these countries and campaigns on a broad range of political, cultural and environmental matters. It highlights human rights abuse, monitors all military activity and focuses on socio-economic issues

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