Cameron Told To Do One – Shades Of ‘The Mouse That Roared’


Here you go here’s David Cameron spelling it out. We are not a tax haven! Other countries maybe tax havens or have territories which are tax havens but no British territory or dependency is.…/David-Cameron-IOM-not-a-tax-ha…

Now David Cameron should know a thing or two about tax havens – sorry I should have said ‘tax planning’ as this Youtube clip from Channel 4 shows:

Despite David Cameron waxing lyrical about a number of issues when he refuted the tax havens label, including beneficial ownership, the Channel Isles newspaper the Bailiwick express reports the British PM got ‘a flea in his ear’ when he pressed the Isle of Man on this issue.

The paper says:

“In an interview, Chief Minister Allan Bell told the Financial Times: “We won’t have a public register. We believe the system is working well. We see no indication that the rest of the G20 is taking meaningful steps to follow Mr Cameron’s lead.

“There has to be a global solution or it is meaningless. You are going to penalise legitimate business while criminals and terrorists will simply move money from one jurisdiction to somewhere less well regulated.

“Because we are a small country there is a belief we will roll over and take steps that other countries refuse to.”

Full story here:…/isle-man-joins-jersey-fight…/…

Shades of ‘the mouse that roared’!


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