Brittany: Language Protests Continue


On Saturday 4 July 2015, Ai‘Ta, a group whose primary objective is to defend and promote the Breton language, targeted what the media call France’s favourite village.

A small but vocal and enthusiastic group of Ai‘Ta members gathered in front of the town hall at Perroz/Perroz-Guirec to highlight the total lack of respect of the municipality towards the Breton language.

Every thing is in place this Summer for welcoming tourists in seven languages. A new multilingual website, a new ‘Pink Granite Tower’ all with English is being used on a par with French for this purpose.

But Breton has been totally left out. lt seems the municipality believes the Breton language can die peacefully and that the hugely popular resort municipality doesn’t want to know.

Perroz-Gireg is one of the last towns of over 5000 inhabitants in Lower Brittany that has not yet signed the charter “Ya d’ar Brezhoneg”.

Ai’ta are calling for the introduction of Breton on par with the other languages on all new signage, the introduction of the Breton language in communications particularly websites and the development of initiation activities to the Breton language, particularly among younger people.

Link to Ai’Ta! website:

(Article source CL member Dominig Kervegant)

J B Moffatt (Mr)

Director of Information
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