Breizh: Gouelioù Etrekeltiek An Oriant/Inter-Celtic festival of Lorient


The Gouelioù Etrekeltiek An Oriant or the Inter-Celtic festival of Lorient is taking place this week in the Breton town of An Oriant/Lorient and will be attended by the Convenor of the Celtic League and the Breton Branch Secretary.

Each summer around 700000 visitors attend the festival in what is one of the biggest Celtic festivals in the world. One of the highlights of the festival is the ‘Grand Parade’ through the streets of An Oriant, which is televised to almost two million people, where more than 3,500 artists, dancers, musicians and traditional groups parade from the Celtic nations take part.

The festival is dedicated to a different Celtic nation each year, in addition to the Celtic cultures and traditions of the nations and regions of Galicia, Asturias and Acadia (a region in eastern Canada). This year the festival is dedicated to Asturias.

This years’ festival will culminate in a Gaelic football match between Breizh/Brittany and Galiza/Galicia. The match will take place On Sunday 11 August at the stade de Kerolay stadium at 2pm and entrance is free.

For more information on the festival click on the link below or order a copy of the next edition of Carn now, which will feature a report about the festival.


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