Bercow: Don’t Clap Him Only Me!


Scottish SNPs were given a dressing down by Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow for having the temerity to clap and applaud after the leader of the Scottish Group, Angus Roberstson MP, trounced an opponent in debate.

Of course this ‘put-down’ for the uppity nationalists was eagerly jumped on by media around the ‘Westminster bubble’.

It was a ‘tradition’ of the House said Bercow sternly, like the headmaster addressing unruly pupils, ‘not to applaud’.

However, it is not looking so good a few hours later after a Scottish blogger has identified several occasions on which members of the House are caught on camera clapping furiously.

Two of the recipients of this adoration are Middle East war criminal Tony Blair when he exited Parliament for a new career as…er Middle East Peace Envoy!

The other, you guessed it, a tearful John Bercow after he’d just survived an attempt to put him out to grass.

Anyway, the sequence starting with the hypocrite himself can be viewed here.

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