Bell Claims He Was In The Dark Over Powerplan!


Manx Radio has got to be the radio station of choice for the Chief Minister of the Isle of Man – check this story and clip:…/chief-keeps-brief-on-regulator-…/

Chief Minister Allan Bell it says is keeping a watching brief and he says twice in the interview he doesn’t know the detail of the ScottishPower/PowerPlan debacle in fact he concludes saying ‘until it broke I was unfamiliar with all the details of it and therefore it would be wrong to comment at this point’!

However hang on the issue is a historical one. The warranties were sold around 1999-2001 and the problems started when warranties began to mature in 2002-2003. See this link which by the way is from almost two years ago:…/scottishpower-warranty-dispute…

The problem had however already been aired when Bell was two years into his stint.

Here is a report from the Daily Telegraph dated September 2003:…/PowerHouse-warranty-funds-tota…

By 2004 the Isle of Man link was also being trailed by the UK media yet no red lights started to flash in the Insurance Authority or the Treasury (see link):…/…/0,3605,1167956,00.html

The subsequent scandal unfolded over the following years at a time when Mr Bell was Minister for the Treasury (2001-2010) so basically what he is saying is that no one in the Insurance Authority or Treasury knew this was unfolding during the time he was Minister which seems scarcely credible.

Of course he was not pressed on the issue it seems by Manx Radio which also seems strange!


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