BBC Query Slowly Makes Its Way Through the System!


A further response to our query to the BBC about their service provision here vis a vis other areas, not least the Channel Isles (link):

They say the query has been forwarded to be dealt with locally (see below):

“Ref: 351443

Dear Mr Moffatt

Thank you for your letter to Tony Hall, which was attached to your email to the BBC Trust. I am replying as I work in the Trust Unit that advises and supports the Chairman and Trustees.

I understand from your letter that you would like information relating to the licence fees collected in The Isle of Man and The Channel Islands. You have also requested information on staff and facilities maintained by the BBC in these places.

There is a dedicated team within the BBC that looks after requests made under the Freedom of Information Act. Your email was forwarded to them on 8 October and you can expect a direct response on these matters within 20 working days, as stated by the act.

If you would like to discuss your request any further, please contact: BBC Freedom of Information, Room BC2 B6, Broadcast Centre, White City, Wood Lane, London W12 7TP.

Or email

As your letter was addressed to Tony Hall, I have also forwarded a copy to his office for their reference.

I hope this is helpful.

Kind regards

Lily Rigden
Editorial Standards”

Let us hope we have more luck with this than our query to BBC (NW) and Granada TV earlier this year (link):

Granada responded within a matter of days. As for the BBC well the reply obviously is still in ‘the post room’ at BBC (NW) HQ in Manchester.

Anyway our thanks to Ms Rigden, and Editorial Standards, for their holding response.

Strangely five years ago the BBC was bragging it had improved its coverage in the Celtic countries (link below). Perhaps someone should tell them Mann is a Celtic country as well!


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