BB ‘Gravy Train’ Under Fire In Government House Paint Job


There was a sting in the tail of a recent nationalist `paint job’ at Government House on the Isle of Man.

In addition to graffiti specifically aimed at the Governor and inviting him, in blunt terms, to go protesters also focused their ire on another British institution, the BBC.

Together with Governor the BBC vies in terms of British institutions in a table of loathing for nationalists (and others) which is not helped by the appalling coverage they provide on the Isle of Man despite levying something in the order of £20 million pounds worth of licence fees in the past five years.

The BBC’s profile is not helped by the fact that the levying of this outrageous amount comes at the same time as domestic broadcasting by the quasi-nationalised Manx Radio and private radio stations are under strain.

It is clear that domestic coverage of broadcast news and entertainment could be improved dramatically with just a fraction of the funds currently draining out of the Island to the BBC, an institution, on the basis of a news report today, which is fiscally incompetent having funded an outrageous `gravy train’ for departing managers.

Again it is an ill wind as they say and it seems that the BBC has joined `His Excellency’ the Lt Governor as another British institution which youthful nationalists will regularly vent their frustration on.

One is bound to speculate who or what next?

Link to National Audit Office report on BBC `gravy train’ here:

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