BAE they don’t like people or gulls but sponsor ‘science’

I was disappointed to read in one of the regular mailings I get from the Campaign Against the Arms Trade about a sponsorship tie up between the New Scientist magazine and companies like Shell and British Aerospace (BAE).

New Scientist is a reputable journal so how it thinks that its reputation is enhanced by accepting such support goodness knows.

Shell has a bad record globally and indeed we supported the campaign to oppose its exploitation of the community in North Mayo. BAe also have a chequered record supplying weapons to despotic regimes and closer to home wanting to wipe out a fair proportion of the avian (gull population) of the Ribble estuary. RSPB who fought a case against them eventually won in the Court of Appeal (link);…/ribble-estuary-gulls-sa…

CAATs information on this deal with the devils can be found at this link so please take time to look and if possible sign their petition – I have:…/…/petition/new-scientist

Bernard Moffatt
pp Celtic League Military Monitoring



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