Armed Forces Day

“Stop recruiting children, rights groups tell MoD”

It’s Armed Forces Day, the culmination of a week of events in the UK. Our colleagues at ForcesWatch UK send through some materials that are currently being circulated by them and other groups such as the Peace Pledge Union and CRIN (Child Rights International).

ForcesWatch in conjunction with other groups have used the week to highlight their opposition to the recruitment of children into the UK armed forces:

“Twenty major children’s and human rights organisations have written to the UK government today, calling for an end to the recruitment of children by the UK armed forces.”

The letter asks the Secretary of State for Defence to use the Armed Forces Bill, which is being debated in Parliament on Wednesday 23 June, to raise the minimum enlistment age to 18 in law.”

Full link:…/stop-recruiting-children…/

There is some hefty support for the petition including the Children’s Commissioners for Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland and Human Rights Watch.

Links ForcesWatch:…/stop-recruiting-children…/


Peace Pledge Union:

Bernard Moffatt

AGS Celtic League (26th June 2021)

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