Are We Stealing other Countries Tax Receipts?


“How much more money is sitting in offshore accounts that could be contributing to Canada’s infrastructure, schools and hospitals?”

These are the questions that are starting to be posed now by politicians in Canada following revelations about one family there using something called a ‘tax product’ they signed up to in 2000.

We reported earlier on the reports by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and it turns out there is an equally in depth debate in the Canadian Press and its starting to become political in a big way with some opposition politicians demanding more vigorous action.

Here’s a lengthy report from the newspaper TIMES COLONIST based in Victoria:

The article like the CBC report asserts that the problem goes much deeper than one family saying:

“In 2013, the CRA obtained a judicial order demanding KPMG hand over the names of all the wealthy clients who set up shell companies in the Isle of Man but KPMG Canada is fighting that decision in federal court, the CBC reported.

The CRA alleges in court documents that the KPMG tax structure was a “sham” and hit the Cooper family with an order to repay millions in unpaid taxes and penalties.”

So is the Island involved in any way in schemes that deny Canada tax revenue that could be fund its infrastructure, schools and hospitals.? If we are it’s a disgrace!

The Manx government has made a great play in recent years over ‘transparency and information exchange’ maybe someone in the Manx Treasury should get on the phone to the CRA and say ‘how can we help!’


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