Anger at Union Flag on Driving Licences Plan


A decision to replace the EU symbol on United Kingdom driving licences with the Union Flag has provoked outrage in Scotland and Wales.

The changes which apply to England, Scotland and Wales only will according to English Prime Minister, David Cameron, provide road users with a symbolic ‘sign of their national identity’.

Cameron ruled out allowing National flags for Wales and Scotland on ‘cost grounds’.

However the move coming just after 45% of Scots voted to assert their own Scottish national identity is seen by some to be both triumphalist and insensitive.

The UK Flag for UK driving licences argument also does not ring true as the English Prime Minister has pointedly ruled out the move being applied to the six counties of Ulster. The Union Flag is already the subject of enough controversy in Ulster and a decision to inflame tensions further was obviously, and prudently, a step too far even for the arrogant Mr Cameron.

Petitions in Scotland and Wales have already generated 10,000 and 3000 signatures respectively.

Scottish petition link here:

Welsh petition link here:

Bizarrely, Cameron’s move is likely to spectacularly backfire. Recruitment to the Nationalist Party’s in Scotland and Wales which has enjoyed a surge (particularly in Scotland) of late is certain to be further stimulated.

J B Moffatt (Mr)
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