All Quiet On The Western Front


Politics in the Isle of Man is a bit like the World War One with the Commissioners and Councillors and us ‘other ranks’ in the trenches while back at GHQ (Tynwald) the General’s (MHK/MLCs) smoke cigars and drink scotch.

This esoteric thought occurred to me following the post I re-ran on an earlier item about Captains of the Parishes and the suggestion by local commissioner Ian Davison that the selection process could be a tad more transparent which I thought was a fair comment.

It’s one of those inconsequential items you think will not generate much ‘shell fire’ but in no time at all there is a major offensive.

In the comments Ian Davison issued a swift riposte to an intervention from MHK Chris Thomas in which Davison advanced his views on the Lt Governor.

Thomas was having none of it though. Back in the safety of GHQ in the heady atmosphere of Lt Governors past, Chief Ministers, Presidents not to mention a man with a wig Chris was sorting out all manner of Island problems. Health, Energy bills, Growth etc. It went on and on.

The trouble is none of these problems ever seem to get sorted and meanwhile we have to keep paying for that useless object in government house – millions of pounds for a man in a house doing nothing!

I think Ian Davison had it right and Chris is dodging the shells – perhaps he should pop out to the frontline where the NCOs and squaddies are wading around in the mud.

Must go I think the Captain’s on the way!

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