AI’TA! and 44=Breizh act over bilingual signage

Breton language activist group AI’TA! is to cooperate with reunification campaigners of 44=Bzh over bilingual signage in Loire Atlantique.

Bilingual signage is now being placed in Brittany but Loire Atlantique which was hived of from historic Brittany is not included in the bilingual signage programme although many Breton speakers still live their.

AI’TA! say they plan to dismantle monolingual French signage in a challenge to the authorities. Meanwhile later this month on Saturday 29th a further large rally calling for the reunification of Brittany is to be held by 44=Breizh in Nantes which is the historic capital of Breizh.

The Celtic League supports the reunification campaign the principle having been endorsed many years ago by the League AGM.

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