AGM Speeches On CL TV Site Soon

Over the coming weeks film footage of the speeches made during the public session of the Celtic League fiftieth anniversary will be uploaded to Celtic League TV site (see link below).

Representatives from a number of organisations attended the open public session in the afternoon of Saturday 29th October 2011, where they briefly outlined the work of their groups and discussed an array of different issues that related to the Celtic countries. It was pointed out to those present that the Celtic League is non-party political and that the views expressed by the speakers were not necessarily the official views of the League, but each representative was equally thanked for their contribution.

As part of the public session there was the key note speech of Peter Berresford Ellis that was delivered by Professor Kenneth MacKinnon and the speech of David Alexander of the Scottish National Party, both of whom had been specifically invited to deliver a short address. Among the other organisations that sent representatives to speak at the public session were Cairde na hEireann, Éirígí, Republican Sinn Fein, Bòrd na Gàidhlig and the Scottish Republican Socialist Movement.

Please check the Celtic League TV site for uploads and where possible the written speech will be added as a news item in Celtic News in addition to the link for the film. The first film footage to be uploaded to the Celtic League TV site will be the speech titled `The Celtic Nations (1961- 2011): A Sea Change?’ which was written by Peter Berresford Ellis.


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