AGM Condemns Extension of Military Testing


The testing of experimental pilot-less drone aircraft over areas of the Irish sea criss-crossed by domestic air routes was criticised at the Celtic League AGM in Karaez , Brittany, at the weekend.

The use by the British military and their defence equipment suppliers of the Irish sea area for military testing has often been controversial – not least the operation of missile ranges in the Cardigan Bay – in the South Central Irish sea area.

(The Aberporth Missile testing range was infamously connected to the mysterious loss with 61 lives of an Irish airliner in 1968. Although a report by the Irish government 30 years later exonerated the range, many remain sceptical).

The unilateral decision by the United Kingdom to further extend its testing was condemned.

The attached resolution was adopted:

“This AGM

Mindful of the volume of domestic air traffic between Britain, Ireland and the Isle of Man views with concern the decision of the United Kingdom government to allocate areas off the Welsh coast and the Irish Sea for the testing of experimental pilot-less drone aircraft.”

The matter has previously been raised with the Irish government who seem singularly unconcerned about the risks posed (see link):

J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information


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