Admiration for Chief Minister’s Decision to ‘Come Out’


There has been a general welcome for the decision of Manx Chief Minister, Allan Bell, to ‘come out’. In an article in the Guardian this week Bell spoke about being gay, his long term relationship and the difficulties and bigotry in politics on the Island toward gay people years ago (link);

The first Manx newspaper (IOM Examiner) to report the story has been running the item on its web pages IOM Today (link);

The comments seem to indicate strong support and admiration for the Chief Ministers stance although some have taken the opportunity to conflate his statement with his current political record. Bell currently leads a government that is deeply unpopular because it has to implement cuts forced on the Isle of Man due to changes in VAT returns imposed by the United Kingdom.

However all in all even the political opponents remarks seem to be attracting an equal balance of ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ to each section.

Most disappointingly some comments (fortunately only a few) indicate that the old bigotry towards gay people still exists (one remark of a particularly disgusting nature was censored). Additionally, some of the ‘so called’ political opponents scarcely conceal a veneer of homophobia.

With the Church stirring up opposition to plans for legislation on gay marriage mooted by Bell earlier this week it looks as if the homophobe’s may dare once again to venture out of the dark place they have been hiding in after the persecution of gay people in Mann a quarter of a century ago was ended.

In the coming months it is important that groups and individuals who oppose bigotry and support tolerance are vigilant and challenge discrimination.


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