‘A Reputation For Service’ – Who Writes These Lines?


There was a quite stinging attack in the current edition of Yn Pabyr Seyr on the ‘Church of Business’. Written in a satirical style it nonetheless delivers a barbed message and concludes:

“Faith is strong in the Church of Business and membership thrives despite little visible evidence for the claims of shared prosperity made by its members”.

There is one thing that the Church of Business and ‘the old Churches’ have in common they are both founded on the ethic of greed!

(Link Yn Pabyr Seyr: https://www.mecvannin.im/pabyr/yps54.pdf)

I was reminded of the article when in perusing the Manx Radio news section I stumbled in the business pages on one of those boring non event fillers that pollute it which are probably only listened to or read by 0.0001% of the population after there initial airing.

(Link the Manx radio business item: https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-business/new-cfo-appointed-at-manx-telecom/)

It was about the appointment of a new ‘suit’ at Manx Telecom and it quoted him saying:

“The company already benefits from well invested, reliable existing infrastructure, a highly experienced workforce and a really strong management team.

“Their reputation for service and innovation is well known in the sector but what is also clear to me is the real potential for growth inside the business, both on and off-Island.”

I thought how very true the words ‘the company already benefits’ were because of course as the ‘Church of Business’ article in Yn Pabyr Seyr and the speech by Peter Crellin at Hango Hill made clear these organisations like Telecoms, Manx Gas etc are preoccupied by themselves and not by any service ethic.

This is particularly true in the Manx situation where a lack of real (or in some instances any) competition make “their reputation for service” a joke quite frankly.

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