A Craven Police Force


‘To arrogant politicians that flout the law add a craven police force which fails to enforce the law’

On day one of the operation to  remove hazardous waste silt from Peel Harbour to a hastily created dumpsite at Poortown on the west of the Isle of Man overloaded wagons spilled contaminants at several locations on the haul routes.

Initially the events were denied but due to photographic evidence the Department had to shape up and admit the error and apologise. Loads were scaled down and promises were made that the almost ‘soup like’ contaminated (containing arsenic, lead, zinc, copper, etc.) mix hauled in the first few days would be consolidated.

The Celtic League at the time criticised police for taking no immediate action to suspend the operation until it was demonstrated that the loads were secure. We accused them, without mincing words, of giving in to political expediency and ‘sticking there heads in the silt.’

Not so was the reply, they were ‘considering the issue’ but as we had predicted they decided early this week to take no action.

Unfortunately their timing could not have been worse as within hours a further spill has occurred this time apparently due to the sheering of a bolt on a vehicle.

To arrogant politicians who flout the law add a craven police force which fails to enforce the law!

J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
Celtic League


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