• February 6, 2018

News from Mannin Branch Celtic League:

Report here from Manx Radio on the inaugural statement made by Allen Moore after his acceptance of the Acting Secretary role in the Manx Branch of the Celtic League:

“The new Acting Secretary of the Celtic League has hit out at government for ‘ignoring the needs of the people’.

Allen Moore has taken over the role from veteran Roy Kennaugh, who died suddenly last month.

Formerly the pan-national group’s Environment Officer, Mr Moore says he is ‘honoured’ to take on the role.”

In a statement, he’s accused politicians from across the Celtic world of allowing English and American influences to usurp native cultures, while paying ‘lip service to diversity’.

He goes on to suggest the Manx government is ‘servile’ to groups like the Chamber of Commerce and the super wealthy.

The Celtic League Mannin Branch will hold its AGM in April.”

Full report here on Manx Radio:


Mr Moore also stressed the wide remit of the League in his statement and urged people to join. He is also committed to promoting cooperation with other groups where a common agenda is shared.

Image: Allen Moore at the Inter-Celtic AGM in July in Peel – third from bottom left blue sweater.

Bernard Moffatt
pp Celtic League



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