• April 16, 2015


New sweeping powers to allow French Intelligence Services to intercept communications and carry out internet surveillance have come under fire.

Ironically the French State seems to be using attempts by Islamists terrorist groups to subvert the state to undermine democracy and freedom of expression of French citizens. The Celtic League also firmly believe that other older ‘perceived threats’ will be under scrutiny

Ostensibly the new powers are designed to combat the threats posed by Islamist groups but in reality experience tells us that they will be also used to combat other groups that France regards as opponents of its centralised States such as nationalist and cultural groups in Brittany, Corsica and the Northern Basque country.

We don’t have to look far to verify that once given carte blanche to carry out snooping the intelligence services of the United Kingdom and France always like to keep their beady eye on ‘the old enemies’ the ‘indigenous national minorities’ within their borders.

After the advent of the ‘peace process’ and even before there was a full appreciation of the so called Islamist threat the British Intelligence Service, MI5, were making plans for Regional centres and since then they have constructed a new 20 million pound base at Palace Barracks, Belfast.

The British spooks also want to expand their influence in Scotland apparently their (in terms of Belfast) equally palatial Northern Operations Centre in Manchester is not apparently deemed adequate enough to keep tabs on ‘the truculent jocks’.

Indeed despite all the media focus of Islamic terror threats MI5 still devotes a very substantial portion of its resources to the Celtic countries.

Anyone in Breizh, Corsica or the Northern Basque country who believes France will be any different is deluding themselves.

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