• July 19, 2021

While the RAF uses the airfield at Valley in North Wales and the civil airport at Ronaldsway on the Isle of Man to train Saudi (and other Gulf state) personnel who are then used in the bombing of civilians its revealed cooperation goes deeper.

Celtic League had previously highlighted that RAF personnel were seconded to ‘command and control centres’ in Saudo Arabia helping to coordinate the bombing of civilians. Now it’s revealed that British service personnel are deployed secretly in the country itself. Yemen is locked in a civil war that has cost the lives of 130,000 people 25% of them children. The British trained Saudi Air Force has bombed schools and hospitals and other civilian targets during the six year long conflict.

Ironically the Isle of Man government has provided relief aid to the country but has ignored calls to end the facility for training in Mann that the RAF utilises.

Link he to the latest report on British involvement:


Image: IOM civil airport – Inset: RAF Valley which trains Saudi personnel.

Bernard Moffatt

AGS Celtic League (10th July 2021)

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