• July 9, 2015


The NCA is on the case, but where are the Manx Police or for that matter the Manx media?

The United Kingdom National Crime Agency (NCA) is to undertake an inquiry into the NAMA property portfolio allegations following claims made last week in Dail Éireann that £7million pound connected to sales of a one and a quarter billion pound batch of NAMA properties in the North had ended up in a Manx bank account.

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Independent TD Mick Wallace alleged the monies were destined for a politician in Northern Ireland but so far he has not identified the person involved.

However what is clear is that to date no one has denied that £7 million pound flowed into an account here and most people on the Island familiar with the performance one faces when a relatively small sum of money is moved between personal accounts will find it astonishing that Banks and Manx regulatory authorities did not make enquiries about a transaction as substantial as this.

This of course begs the question did they know? If the answer is no what happened to the much trumpeted anti-money laundering regulations that the Manx government have ‘drivelled’ on about for years.

The NCA may now be active (and not afraid to publicise the fact) but the Isle of Man Police and their Irish counterparts are keeping very quiet. One wonders are they working quietly in the background or is it more likely that this is the silence of embarrassment?

As indicated, if Mick Wallace TD can stand the allegations up or the NCA find malfeasance then heads should role at all levels of the Manx financial regulatory structure.

However it is not just the Government, FSC and FCU that have questions to answer the Manx media also are ‘tiptoeing’ around this story like a load of frightened chickens!

As potentially the biggest financial storm for years is about to unfold for the media in Mann its business as usual recycling press releases and other ‘trivia’ pushed out by the Manx government.

Meanwhile which Bank is involved? You would think the Manx media might be on the case – but you would be wrong!

Finally NAMA say they are going to set the record straight they say there are ‘serious errors’ in the reporting of the story (see link):


If NAMA’s assertions are indeed correct and Wallace got it wrong from the start then this is all the more reason that on day one Manx regulators, Manx Police and the bank involved should have been saying so. However from what has been reported to date ‘this is a horse that’s going to run’ for sometime yet!

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