• August 27, 2016

Open Democracy UK has an article on ‘spycops’ i.e. Officers who worked undercover and who themselves were the subject of an exposé because of their scurrilous practices.
The article says their activities in Scotland cannot be ignored not least because the majority of these individuals worked there (full link to article below).
What charming characters they were – in his article Merrick Badger says:
“No other organisation would be allowed to commit abuses of citizens over decades and, when caught, get away with examination of just a handful of instances that the victims themselves have exposed. The inquiry should uncover the truth, not get a partial gist.
“The scope of the spying is staggering. From trade unions to animal rights, peace activists and environmentalists and a few far right organisations, nobody is safe. Even elected politicians have been monitored.”
He goes on:
“The spycops committed crimes in England and Wales. They were agents provocateur, lied in court and set people up for wrongful convictions. They are known to have engineered dozens of miscarriages of justice, and the true figure may be in the thousands. They systematically sexually and psychologically abused women, in some cases fathering children with those they spied on. They stole the identities of dead children from unwitting bereaved families”.
Earlier this year Neil Findlay MSP told the Scottish Parliament of the ‘nauseating and utterly corrupt’ practice of police officers ‘operating in our country under the identity of a dead child to victimise people whose only crime is to want a fairer, cleaner and more just society’.
It is obviously vital that their activities in Scotland, Ireland and other areas outside England and Wales get proper scrutiny’
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