• August 27, 2016

‘Ironic that the first political casualty was not one of those with his greasy paws in the pot’
The Northern Portfolio NAMA deal continues to make political waves.
You may have forgotten it the allegations centred on over £7 million that turned up in a Bank in Douglas, Isle of Man, which it’s alleged was a slush fund to grease the palms of politicians and others.
Various investigations are underway in the UK, US and Ireland and now there is a political casaulty a Sinn Fein MLA alleged to have been stirring the pot a bit too enthusiastically over allegations about senior Unionists (link):
It’s bizarre that this first political casualty had nothing to gain monetarily from the slush fund – so who did – enquiries are as they say ongoing.
There is no doubt this will run and run in Ireland and further afield but in the Isle of Man (Mann) all is calm.
We don’t know which Bank was involved and how that amount of money which allegedly was for a nefarious purpose could just drop into it.
Think about it multi-million pound deposit from Ulster drops into an anonymous offshore account and yet no one twigs it until Mick Wallace TD gets up and announces it in the Dail (Irish parliament).
What on earth were the Manx FIU (formerly FCA) doing? Will we ever be told the identity of the bank or is such transparency a bridge to far for our clean financial services sector.
Finally where is the cash now? I do hope the FIU haven’t allowed it to be removed from the Island after all it could be evidence in an ongoing serious crime investigation.
Loads of questions but no answers! People say the Manx finance sector is much better regulated these days – you could have fooled me.
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Image: Sinn Fein’s Daithí McKay – Ironic that the first political casualty was not one of those with his greasy paws in the pot. Is his resignation a useful distraction for bigger fish?
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