• December 20, 2016

We have received a response from the NICCY to our concerns about military cadet forces and the payment of monies to hush-up abuse cases by the MOD

Our original query at this link:


Text of response below:

“Mr Moffat
Celtic League
3 Imman Stronnag
Isle of Man

19 December 2016

Dear Mr Moffat

Thank you for your correspondence dated 3 December 2016 highlighting concerns about the protection of children and young people in UK military cadet forces.

It is of the upmost importance that children in all sethngs are protected from abuse and that all organisations working with children have in place appropriate child protection arrangements ana robust procedures for responäing to any concerns or disclosures of abuse. You may be aware that the remit of my office was established in accordance with ‘The Commissioner for ‘Children and Young People (Northern Ireland) Order’ (2003) to safeguard and promote the rights and best interests of children in Northern Ireland. My founding legislation restricts my powers regarding reserved and excepted matters, including defence and armed forces, and I have copied your correspondence to the Children’s Commissioner for England who holds remit in relation to excepted matters.

However, the matter of ensuring that children are properly protected from abuse is of course the responsibility of everyone seeking to promote children’s rights and welfare. I have taken due note of the concerns you have expressed and will also raise these formally with the Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland who work to ensure the effectiveness of child protection practice across Northern Ireland. I will of course notify you of their response.

Yours sincerely

Koulla Yiasouma

Commissioner for Children and Young People

Copied to:

Children’s Commissioner for England
Commissioner for Children for Wales
Children’s Commissioner for Scotland
Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland”

We are grateful to the Commissioner and her staff for this prompt reply.

Public Relations Officer Mannin Branch

Issued by: The Mannin branch of the Celtic League.



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