• January 30, 2016


After this week a couple of things are clearer politically in Mann. Firstly the Chief Minister, Allan Bell MHK, unlike some well known supermarkets doesn’t offer a ‘rewards’ system and secondly if you have courted controversy in the past with his government he will use any opportunity to ‘reward’ you in return even if you’re sucking up to him.

That was the sad lesson in ‘realpolitik’ that Kate Beecroft MHK learned this week.

Kate rushed to disown one of her parties ‘rising stars’ Cat Turner when Ms Turner made what the Chief Minister regarded as unhelpful comments about the finance industry in a long forgotten TV show.

However in Mann ‘Turnergate’ now has more twists than the proverbial lamb’s tail as Allan Bell has now used the episode to eviscerate Liberal Vannin throwing aside Ms Beecroft and her support like a used tissue (See Manx Radio link):


Note: In the circumstances Manx Radio chose an extremely appropriate graphic!

It’s not even February and already it seems like a scene from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar only in this instance in a skilled political reversal before ‘The ides of March’ have ‘come’, Caesar (in the person of our Chief Minister) himself has plunged the political dagger into Brutus (aka Ms Beecroft).

I’ve said it before unpopular as he is Bell is a skilled political operator. Not only has he survived ‘the coup that never was’ led by the hapless ‘Private Pike’ lookalike Juan Watterson MHK but he I’m told keeps his unruly Council of Ministers together like a circus lion tamer.

Beecroft really should have been shrewd enough to know better she, together with her more adept colleague Peter Karran, has harried the Bell government for years. Her open criticism of a Party colleague was an open goal waiting for Bell to kick ‘her’ in!

Even internet ‘cheerleaders’ for Lib Van seem perplexed.

Bell completed his week of put downs with a back-handed compliment to Douglas Corporation over their slight of hand in off loading the horse trams.

I hear stories of his retirement from politics but these moves are more the machinations of a man who will seek re-election and he may well be successful.

However Chief Minister again I doubt it! He has made to many political enemies you can see them walking around Tynwald the ones with the metaphorical knives still sticking out of their backs – like Ms Beecroft!

Illustration: The assassination of Julius Caesar by Tancredi Scarpelli – however in this case Caesar stuck the knife in first!


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