• October 22, 2020

‘Declassified UK’ has published further detail on the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) training programme in the UK. Celtic League have focused on the training of RSAF and other Gulf state personnel at RAF Valley in Anglesey which also uses the Civil Airport at Ronaldsway in the Isle of Man and a web of other Civil Airports. The League AGM in Breizh in 2019 adopted a resolution condemning the use of the Celtic countries to support air aggression against Yemen.

The new evidence indicates twenty five RSAF personnel have received training on the BAE Typhoon fighter bomber at RAF Coningsby. The Typhoon is used extensively in the air attacks on Yemen that have killed hundreds of women and children and maimed and injured thousands more. The air campaign is still ongoing and ‘Declassified’ asserts a number of RSAF personnel are still in training in the United Kingdom.

The new information also confirms that ground attack training takes place at Pembrey Sands range in Wales. Again the Celtic League had asserted that it was likely that range was being used by trainee pilots from RAF Valley.

So the sequence is basic training at RAF Valley and utilisation of civil airports like Ronaldsway for non touch down approach and take-off plus air navigation and control. Then weapon training at Pembrey Sands. Subsequently Typhoon training at Coningsby including use of the ‘Paveway II’ guided munitions that are used with such horrific effect against schools, hospitals, clinics and civil areas in Yemen.

In another ‘Celtic link’ components for the guidance system of the ‘Paveway II’ are manufactured in Scotland.



Image: Demo at Ronaldsway Isle of Man Airport in 2019

Bernard Moffatt

Assistant General Secretary Celtic League (11/11/2020)

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