• September 11, 2015


More propaganda from the BBC (this time BBC Wales) about how popular the English Queen is in Wales


The clip looks back over her visits to Wales with the usual mix of sycophantic commentary and interview.

However some harsh truths are left unsaid. Was the investiture of Charles as Prince of Wales a celebration? Many Welsh people opposed it. Indeed two members of Mudiad Amddiffyn Cymru (Movement for the Defence of Wales), Alwyn Jones and George Taylor, died when the bomb they were planting on the evening before the investiture exploded prematurely. Other bombs were also planted on the day in Caernarfon and there were more vigorous open protests.

Almost thirty years after the Investiture she can scarcely have been said to be popular. In May 1996 I reported on the first version on (internet) Celtic News that the Queen had to abort a visit to Aberystwyth to open an extension of the National Library of Wales (see below).

“The routine visit started to fall apart at an early stage when, as the Royal party’s motorcade approached the National Library, demonstrators vaulted barriers and tried to storm the vehicle which was forced to take evasive action. Five demonstrators were detained.

Later, as several hundred students gathered at the University Campus, a decision was taken to end the visit.

The dramatic decision to cancel engagements, taken on security grounds, indicates that both the Queen’s advisors and also the intelligence services, who normally carry out preparatory work ahead of such visits, were caught totally unprepared. This is likely to be particularly embarrassing to the British security services who have been attempting to define a new post cold-war role for themselves. Basic indicators seem to have been totally ignored in that, at a time that there is a growing tide of anti-monarchist opinion in England, it does not seem to have registered that the substantial body of republican nationalist opinion in the Celtic areas has also increased.

The United Kingdom media are already attempting to pass off what is undoubtedly a deep humiliation as being linked to a single issue. The students were described as “language activists demonstrating in support of the Welsh language”. It was clear, however, from the few who chose to be interviewed in English that the demonstration was an expression of contempt for the “English Monarchy”. One interviewee almost spat out the words “she is not our Queen”. It’s clear that even Elizabeth Windsor herself is now aware of that:

Bernard Moffatt pp Celtic League 31st May 1996”

Earlier this year we reported that a visit to Wales by ‘her nibs’ went virtually unnoticed despite the efforts of the media to talk it up (see link):


The Royal prayer calls on the ‘Lord’ to protect her. But who will protect us from royal sycophants and media liars!


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The Celtic League established in 1961 has branches in the six Celtic Countries. It promotes cooperation between the countries and campaigns on a range of political, cultural and environmental matters. It highlights human rights abuse, military activity and socio-economic issues


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