• January 4, 2016


After ‘lightening up’ somewhat for the holiday period you come back down to earth with a bump when through feedback to our posts here we learn of what ordinary people are suffering at the moment.

People in low paid jobs and particularly those on fixed incomes like pensioners some have had their gas and electricity bills over the Xmas period and as its one of the most expensive tariff points of the year – they are heavy.

Peter Crellin speaking at Hango Hill yesterday he said:

“These are strange and difficult times in Mannin. Almost every week we hear of a new charge to be passed on to us, the people. We hear lies about schemes to “grow the economy” when all that grows are the accounts of those who dreamt the schemes up. The heads and investors of certain businesses get richer, while many more get poorer. Mannin is unique, but these issues are not unique to Mannin. The world over the wealthy have bought politicians and are using them to cipher resources way from the people. People have been encouraged to pursue greed, and to look out for themselves, yet that greed allows the greediest to take everything. In our hearts we know that something is not right, we can feel it.”

Well yes these are ‘strange and difficult times’ because every week we pay a man £2,000 a week for doing nothing! Then we give him another several thousands a week (totalling almost half a million a year) to feed and house himself and travel about.

I’m referring of course to the current Lt Governor Adam Wood.

In April he will clear off and another parasite will arrive for five years but did the Manx Government, that has been telling us all that it is going to be hard and get harder for ordinary people, do anything to address the issue – no!

The end of Wood’s tenure would have been an ideal time to shunt this constitutional gravy train finally into the siding but the Government don’t want to do that because it might offend the Crown and the UK government. Additionally the Chief Minister and some of his colleagues might not get a few words to put after there names one of these days!

Enjoy it the next time a former government Minister gets mentioned in the honours list – you may as well you bought it for them!

Photograph: The new parasite in waiting leaving Bermuda: “Goodbye suckers next stop the Isle of Man”.

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