• March 22, 2016


Some people have expressed incredulity today on social media at Bill Henderson’s statement that only a handful of people object to the assessments that him and ‘Montgomery Burns’ lookalike Eddie Teare MHK have sanctioned for those on incapacity benefit.

I mean even GPs on the Island are apparently quite awed by the fact that people they once thought were incapacitated can be miraculously cured by something called ‘Dependability’ which seems to involve getting the affected person in a room and getting them to answer questions while you tick boxes. So I mean what is there to complain about?

The whole exercise has nothing to do with saving money it’s just about enabling people to have ‘new life chances’ and it must be good because Bill told Manx Radio that only a minority were spoiling it for everyone by carping! I mean if they had it on the radio it must be right!

However although the Treasury will be saving loads of money from the Social Care and Health budgets don’t expect that to be diverted back into Health Services there are more important things to do like refurbish Douglas Railway station and dig up the Prom. You know they haven’t even got their own toilet down at the Railway Station. One for the overseas aid committee perhaps?

Meanwhile as Lewis Carroll and the crew run rampant between Prospect Hill and Douglas Head someone told me that yesterday at Nobles Hospital there was chaos.

Some of the ‘head honchos’ were called in early because there was a bed crisis and by the end of the day it was worse with people still backed up in A & E waiting for beds. But like the minority who go on about disability assessments that’s probably just another minority complaining again.

Anyway I haven’t heard any GPs going on about that and surely if they were so keen to speak out and say ‘the government is doing a good thing with those assessments’ they would speak out if there was a problem in the hospital so that’s reassuring!

In fact it seems minorities are complaining all the time on the Island. Allan has word for them ‘naysayers’!

This seems strange because you would think that if Bill Henderson and ‘the big boys’ in COMIN were doing such a good job everyone would be going round smiling and saying:

“Never mind the disability assessments and the waiting around for a bed at the hospital, the Lt Governors has had a good five years so he’ll have a good wad to take home and you know that Tony Wild well he’s said he’s sorry so that’s a good thing to so he can keep his job”.

Apparently Bill and the Treasury crew are so pleased with how well their miracle for those with incapacities is going that Bill may go the whole hog next and try to raise the dead! The Isle of Man where you can – even do a Lazarus!

I do wish minorities would stop moaning and just listen to what they are told on the radio and cheer up!

Photo: Actors from the Malatheatre troupe recreate Caravaggio’s 1609 painting ‘The Raising of Lazarus’


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