• September 17, 2023


The Isle of Man Medical Society which is effectively the Manx body that includes the Isle of Man Division of the BMA has issued a strong statement in support of Nursing colleagues as they press forward with industrial action today (14th September)

Here is the statement:

‘We stand in solidarity with our nursing colleagues and support the RCN in making the decision to escalate strike action. That such a measure is necessary indicates just how little support nurses are receiving, as they work beyond their limits to provide patient care. Manx Care staff have demonstrated time and time again their enormous value, yet the senior managers continually fail to recognise this.

‘We are disappointed that Manx Care has not entered into meaningful discussions about the pay and working conditions of nurses, doctors and other Healthcare staff, while continuing to push our health service further into decline. On the background of a recruitment and retention crisis of nursing and medical staff, it is imperative that Manx Care enter meaningful negotiations in good faith to improve pay, terms and working conditions for all staff.

‘How much worse must the situation get before Manx Care gets to grips with the crisis and shows nurses that it genuinely values them? The ball is firmly in their court.’

Urgent action is needed from Government Ministers to address this crisis of confidence among our health care professionals.

Bernard Moffatt
AGS Celtic League (14th September 2023)

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